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Written By Michael Wood Sunday, April 5th, 2009

My First Tooth r[pm] Presents at The PM Bar, Shipley, Bradford

My First Tooth, Live at The PM Bar in Shipley

The problem with West Yorkshire's second City - Bradford - is that one can not hear the sound of anything happen for the volume of those who tell you that nothing is happening and the sight of Northampton folk-popsters My First Tooth playing to so few people so very well is as good an indication of this situation as any.

Augmented from the two of Russ Witt and Sophie Galpin - who is once more wearing the I Put The Rad In Bradford shirt - My First Tooth now number five having added a drummer, a bass and a second guitar to add to the lead acoustic. The sound is rich and textured shaped by Russ's deliberate delivery and Sophie's violin.

They start with Margaret Yen which is as catchy a slice of pop as one could hope to hear before a runaround that sees the band swap instruments and a second violin lilting through a set of songs that are both original and bright yet seem older and as familiar as something pulled off the better parts of your family vinyl collection.

Sleet and Snow is their signature tune - their White Winter Hymnal - and the encore is called for by the smattering of people and enjoyed.

The smattering of people. A problem with the City, a problem with the scene, a problem with a music industry that has bred a consumer of product rather than appreciators. Without the sensationalism of bands who become trumpeted as next big things (sometimes justifiably) wonderfully textured and real acts like My First Tooth have to survive on scraps when they should be feasting.

Written By Michael Wood Sunday, April 5th, 2009

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One Response to “The Sensational My First Tooth”

  1. Ria Wood Says:

    Gosh, how very true. I do think it’s criminal when bands so deserving are under supported. I guess one has to appreciate the reward of the experience of actually being bothered to attend and pity all the bemoaners that sit on their asses whinging.

    My First Tooth were brilliant tonight and I’d have gladly watched them play a set 200% more in duration than they did and still encouraged an encore! I enjoyed the extra depth and richness the additional instrumentage brought to tracks that I knew and also appreciated how vocally it was still very much Ross and Sophie. There is a lot of great musicianship within My First Tooth and I think this comes across well when they appear to almost play “musical chairs” with various instruments.

    Speaking to a couple of MTF members after, they said they enjoyed playing the gig and performing with each other despite the meagre crowd (I counted about 12 in attendance, including the venue staff and support act).

    Fingers crossed that Ross’ voice will continue to recover further from it’s recent hiatus and that the rest of their EP release supporting tour is supported more healthily as they’re only 4 dates in.

    Good luck My First Tooth and do be assured that when you’re next in West Yorkshire you will have an audience of at least 2 (excluding venue staff!).

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