The Lodger that just does not leave

Live Review

Written By Michael Wood Tuesday, February 13th, 2007

The Long Blondes, The Lodger at Metropolian University, Leeds

Well... The Lodger Really. Such a necessary evil playing support to the band that energises young listens so much that you get a 18+ stamp on your hand on the way in and such a thankless task.For sure later on Kate, Dorian et al would impress and in the mean time Leeds based The Lodger have to fill ear time.

The come on looking strangely confident and set about a set with steady precision.

Lead guitar and vocals Ben Siddall projects and disinterest turns to curiosity. Feet tap and comparisons are draw. Are The Lodger The Cure mixed with The Wedding Present? Are they Maximo Park from Yorkshire?

A few tracks in and The Lodger seem to have cut away from such guessing and have won over those who made their way from the bar to watch. Siddall's guitar work recalls the jangle of the late 1980s and his kitchen sinkist lyrics are straight out of the big book of Northern Singers.

Single Many Thanks for Your Honest Opinion stands out and the mental note taking when Siddall comments that the album will follow in April is almost audible.

And so quick The Lodger depart leaving a good impression behind - off to slip down some Leeds side streets no doubt.

Written By Michael Wood Tuesday, February 13th, 2007

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