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Written By Michael Wood Sunday, January 28th, 2007

The Radio Dept. at The Cockpit, Leeds

Monday - which is tomorrow - was supposed to be The Radio Dept. at Leeds Cockpit but I guess they had something else to do. From a pension plan point of view this is probably a bad thing - I still by stuff from bands I saw fifteen years ago regards off the quality and TRD could have got on that gravy train and earned a cool £8 every two years - but I'm sure they will cope and frankly I only go to Leeds cause work make me.Oddly enough though in fifteen odd years of going to gigs this is my first cancellation and my first lost booking fee - Thanks Jumbo. I remember after the mid-1990s LA quake a US band failed to turn up for a Duchess of York gig they had planned but I'd only gone to watch the support - Sleeper - so once I had discovered that the band were alive and well I cared not and as I stood at the bar that night a grumpy looking guy sulked up to the bar next to me - it was Dave Gedge of The Wedding Present - and me and he shared a Yorkshire conversation.

DG: [nod]
MW: How do.
DG: Aye.

Written By Michael Wood Sunday, January 28th, 2007

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