Dalliance Track of 2006 – If I didn’t know this I’d lose it

While you are waiting - seriously - don't wait - for album of the year 2006 this is top fifteen of my track of the year (assuming that nice girl from X Factor does not reinvent music in the next two weeks) and for the record the top three will be written on a post card and sent off to the BBC for old time's sake...

  1. The Worst Taste in Music - The Radio Dept.
  2. Intimate Secretary - The Raconteurs
  3. Boys Don't Cry [The Cure Cover] - Grant Lee Phillips
  4. Bang Bang - The Teasers
  5. Once and Never Again - The Long Blondes
  6. New England - Tanya Donelly
  7. Bang Bang [Nancy Sinatra Cover - Live] - The Raconteurs
  8. Leave Before the Lights Come On - Arctic Monkeys
  9. I Will Kill Again - Jarvis Cocker
  10. Long Long Long [The Beatles Cover] - Tanya Donelly